Trend Only innovates by introducing a quantitative asset management process that is exclusively based on its AMBAS artificial intelligence.

what’s that?

AMBAS (Automated Market Behaviour Analysis System) is an artificial intelligence developed by Trend Only.

It consists of several algorithms based on behavioural finance and the analysis of dominant psychology in the markets. It does not require any “fundamental” analysis and focuses only on the essential: the movement of prices.

AMBAS…what are the goals?

Qualify current market movements and quantify their strength

Establish scenarios (bullish, bearish, neutral) by assigning probabilities of occurrence to each of them

Systematically assign to each scenario a price level above or below which the scenario will fail (systematic alternative scenarios)

But how does that actually work?

Through quantitative & algorithmic studies (AMBAS artificial intelligence) that identify repetitive events on the markets with a high probability of occurrence

The analysis of these events on multiple markets and in real time makes it possible to detect with a high degree of probability medium-term trends and reversals in the short term

What are the benefits?

Allows to operate in multiple markets with real-time analysis and signal generation

Covers multiple time horizons

Offers opportunities to exploit signals in both bullish and bearish markets (long/short)

Offers the possibility to quantify, before the signal implementation, the maximum losses on each selected asset / opened position

How is our investment process an alternative and innovative solution?

We design solutions exclusively based on digital assets that have a real de-correlation compared to traditional assets, thus enabling efficient diversification of financial portfolios.

Our AMBAS artificial intelligence (already operational) allows to manage funds invested in crypto assets, thus offering our clients access to digital assets. Our quantitative model generates performance through a long / short approach based exclusively on behavioral finance, covering multiple time horizons and avoiding any behavioral bias.

Decision-making is fast and without emotional bias thanks to a quantitative and systemactic approach.

Finally, it is an investment process with rigorous profit targets and pre-defined loss limits upstream of the investment (take profit and stop loss).