The tokenization platform for financial and real estate assets

Tokenization of illiquid assets such as real estate has several advantages:


Significantly increasing number of buyers increases liquidity.

Speed ​​& Reduced Costs

Because tokens are designed with smart contracts (based on predefined parameters), some parts of the buy & sell process are fully automated. This automation can reduce the administrative burden of buying and selling, with fewer intermediaries required, leading to faster transactions with very low costs.

Increased security & transparency

A token integrates the rights and duties of the holder in an immutable way. These characteristics make it possible to considerably increase the transparency of transactions, making it possible to know with whom the buyer deals, what are the rights and duties associated with each party as well as a history of who has already owned this token.

Accessibility & fluidity

Tokens make the underlying virtually divisible (investors can buy tokens that represent incredibly small percentages of the underlying). The minimum amount to invest is very small with a much larger number of potential buyers. The holding period is also reduced because buyers can trade their tokens in real time on the secondary market.

The blockchain

& the distribution channels

The fund distribution channels, as they are today, have many inefficiencies that Trend Only aims to significantly reduce thanks to Blockchain technology  : numerous intermediaries (stacking costs in terms of time and money and loss of fluidity in transactions) and many costs for the customer (entry, exit, asset & account management fees …).

Distribution channels

The current distribution network remains costly and time consuming for the end customer. Here’s an example of buying a fund’s shares through the traditional channel:

Trend Only will reduce intermediaries and save time & money thanks to the Blockchain and tokenization of funds. Here is an example of a purchase of shares in Carmundi Patrimoine C through an innovative channel:

What are the process innovations?

Trend Only will allow end customers and asset management companies to interact directly, without intermediaries (peer to peer). All the information necessary for any transaction will be recorded in a ledger distributed to all the participants of the network. The transaction history will be stored permanently, immutably and time-stamped in the Blockchain. The client will be able to make a direct request to a “smart contract” to verify and validate the investment conditions, generate real-time reporting and manage subscriptions / redemptions as well as voting rights.

Benefits for asset management companies

No intermediaries (no retrocessions of commissions)

No borders, fluidity in transactions

Simplification of the subscription/redemption process increasing the potential number of subscribers 

Lower transaction costs 

Benefits for clients

No intermediaries (No entry, exit & account management fees)

Significantly increased flexibility in allocation

Possibility of investing small amounts, fairness in terms of costs, equal treatment

For both parties : security, transparency and integrity of orders and transactions!